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Default Newbie thinking of a baby musk turtle, need some advice

Hi i am thinking of getting a baby musk turtle from a local pet shop. they have Common and razorback. I want to make a decent first time buy setup for myself. With maybe only a tank or filter upgrade in the future. I have a job but just want to make some good choices early to last me. i will be spending money justs bits at a time.

Is it possible to convert something cheap like a Aquael Echoline 90lt tank?
I have found it for 70. It has a 50wt heater and i can put a t5 uvb in the hood. and a filter.
So i was thinking maybe just a basking lamp and clamp light, basking area, hideout ect.
Are there better tanks i could mod that are also kinda cheap?

Or is it more wise to just get a long glass fish tank without a hood? i have a decent aquarium shop (same with the musks) near me where they make there own. 20 to 30gallon are about 50-70. And get a 100w Tronic heater ive seen some for about 20-30, zoo med 501 filter, a 50w basking lamp and clamp light. regarding the uvb lighting for a setup like this are compact lamps good enough? to me it seems the tubes would be better. but its hard to find a cheap fixture for the lamp up for a tank.

Also my family own a cat so i am looking to find a cheap mesh lid. or is it still cheaper to make your own. it does not look hard. easy to adapt to a more sturdy and more secure lid for a cat. so this will be an extra cost i need over the standard set up.

Any advice is welcome. i have read quite a few threads and care sheets so i know about the 1inch to 10 gallons minimum rule and feeding. But i was wondering what brands are the best between the turtle diet pellets? i hear baby musks may only like meat at the start. would i feed them live of dead mealworms, shrimp and crickets? and still trying to feed them the diet pellets? best just to feed them in the tank and just clean up after them?

Sorry its like 101 questions lol

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