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Originally Posted by Somsumi View Post
Thanks for your reply.

Yer iv only had her a week but im going to ensure she gets the best. Now iv got her I wouldnt mind getting some more. Its good how I got given her or id still be stitting here in yrs to come and never got one.

I dont want to breed at all, so im not gona put a female with a male, but again different views on this can you put two females together?

I do plan on upgrading the thermonitors to digitals one when pay days comes along, was thinking off having one in hot and one in cool end of viv. Going on what you said and the other person il just have 1 light using a holgen. Putting it hanging from the top in the middle a few inches from them edge of the viv.

I covered the supliments in the last reply aswell as the sand.

Thanks Somsumi
Two females is the only pairing I would suggest if you want to cohabit however even two females cannot work and must be closely monitored. Be sure to have a spare viv in case separation was needed. I'd also recommend a larger viv for a pair, atleast 6x2x2 in my opinion.

Digital thermometers should be at the top of the list, without these its impossible to accurately measure your temp gradient which is obviously of great importance.
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