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Originally Posted by Somsumi View Post
How many digital thermometers would you suggest and placement for them? Oh and they are top of list next to my heating for the new viv. Hopefully next weekend ill have it all done.

Yer i have been watching her during the week to see whats she is like with the sand. I might look into the playsand. What about the desert sand i see being sold?
Brilliant, fair play to you. 2 at least you want. 1 for the basking spot, and one for the cool end/hot end, you can use 1 for both of these if you don't want to buy 3. Placements are basking spot - directly under the bulb (hottest part of viv). Hot end, an inch off the floor on the hot side wall, cool end, an inch of the floor, cool side wall.

I don't know of the desert sand? I use sand/desert bedding (is this what you mean?) mix but most of my floor isn't substrate.
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