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Originally Posted by F5TER View Post
Oh really? well thats good cos the cool end is colder, thats why i was worried.
I just seem to be forever adjusting the stat, the basking temp goes up and down and just doesnt seem to want to stabilise at one temp. Is this normal? The bulb is dimming and lighting constantly.
I suppose the fact that the sun is shining on the viv also complicates things, ill have to close the curtains i think haha.
Personally I try to allow for a cooler cool end. The gradient is still there, its just larger. If your gradient is 105-80 then you provide all the temps in between in the gradient somewhere. If your gradient is 115-70 then you provide the same temps and more than the first gradient. It simply allows the dragon to choose from a larger range of temps. If your cool side is to cool, it won't be used, you can increase it if you wish but it isn't causing any harm. In my experience they like having the cooler temps to opt for. My cool end is just over 70 at its coolest point and he uses it. This is a 6x2x2 though.
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