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Originally Posted by Somsumi View Post
Iv just been looking at ya builds. Bloody amazing, i would love something like that in a 6ft viv, so then they still have plenty of space to roam around. How much would something like that cost?
I have added you to facebook also.

Im guessing the 3rd would be placed in the middle an inch of the floor attached to back wall?

The desert sand ---desert sand

Thanks for all you help today been a great help.
I've replied to your message and accepted the friend request! as I said in the message third thermometer should be on basking spot. Its hard to say how much a 6x2x2 with that amount of work would be. Depends exactly what you wanted. Feel free to PM me on here or Facebook if you seriously want a chat about it. I do also have a 4x2x2 under construction that will soon be for sale. The link for that is in my sig however it doesn't look too pretty just yet, but it will I can promise you that!
*FOR SALE* 3 female Rankin Dragons and 6x2x2 fully custom stunning vivarium. Thread available here.

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