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cresties can be kept in a similar type of viv( slightly taller) and don't require as much heat and by most accounts are a good starter reptile and you can get many variations of this species. I myself keep a leopard gecko and house him in a 3 ft viv but some people keep them in a 2 ft viv they are better suited to a wooden viv but the emphasis is more on floor space as the spend nearly all there time on the floor of the viv so a deep 2 ft viv should be ok, heat from a heat mat on a thermostat and a light during the day supplying some UVB light( not absolutely necessary but most people believe that it benefits the gecko) and I find him easy to look after and again there are lots of variations on the colours etc. hope this helps but I'm sure other people with more experience will have other species that would be good for you.

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