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Originally Posted by RLS View Post
Remove anything that allows him to hide, young beardies tend to hide instead of basking if they have a choice, depending on ages id take anything from the viv that he can hide under instead of basking and only replacing it when he gets bigger, smaller beardies do better with a higher basking temp, close to 110f mark, older dragons can have a lower basking temp then this, they are bigger and hold heat more efficiently they can be dropped to 100-105f.

I would not recommend another dragon unless the one u have is a female, and introduce another female not a male, 2x males is a no no and even females can be very aggressive so its not always a good idea!
I have removed both plants, theres a log in there under the basking lamp, which ive left in, he can hide under it, put he's in plain site at all times.

After taking the plant out, i tired to stroke him to which he flared his beard up and opened his mouth like he was trying to his.
I left him to it at that point, starting to think he will never be friendly lol.
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