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Originally Posted by djultimate View Post
its a 4ft Vivexotic . i purchased some vents from B&Q and put 3 a third of the way up
Either its a error while manufacturing or its there new line with aluminium fronts, the fronts are fairly well ventilated for most species, but the rear vents will definatly help with getting more air flow through the viv Ideally you want vents top and bottom though (cool air in the bottom, warm air out the top, this causes a current through the viv which causes the circulation). But like i said, if its there new viva range with the aluminium fronts, i wouldn't worry about your circulation, there's a video on YouTube which i don't have time to search "viv exotic VIVA" showing there new line of vivs, their new fronts and how well the circulate in comparison to there old style vents, they are pretty impressive in all fairness!
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