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Default new proud owner of water dragon/reptile advice please

hey im the new proud owner of a 2 year old chinese water dragon called ivy she is my first ever pet and i reali want all to go well! i havent collected her yet as i want to get everything perfect for her before she arives! i have tried to research well but a lot of websites are conflicting in what there advice is! im in the process of setting up my first ever viv and im reali stressing out and losing sleep because i think i might do something wrong!

i hav a 4ftx20x18in viv hav chosen a mix of orchid bark and sterile soil as my base and got a large water bowl also a small selection of logs and vines! im trying to find somewhere to get her more cheap logs or vines to climb on any ideas or donations are welcome

any help or advice or corrections on me doing things wrong would be amazing

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