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I'm no expert on water dragons and others will be along soon enough to talk the technicalities of temperature, humidity etc, but unless I'm misunderstanding you, one thing strikes me. It sounds like you have a viv for terrestrial species.

Water dragons are arboreal - in the wild they would be up in trees much of the time. To replicate this in captivity mean a viv several feet tall as well as wide with branches to climb. Have a look in the Habitat forum of this site - you'll find quite a number of water dragon set-ups to give you an idea of the sort of thing you need to aim for. I think I'm right in saying that the usual terrestrial type viv is really only suitable for a baby/small juvenile, so won't be very appropriate for your new critter except maybe very short-term, while you arrange a proper environment for her.

I'm sorry if this is 'back to the drawing-board' type news for you, but I expect there'll soon be an experienced keeper along soon to give you the real scoop.

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