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Originally Posted by RLS View Post
Brill, you don't want him hiding after a heavy meal of crickets on the cold side of his viv.

Baby beardies tend to be scatty even adults can be when you first approach them to be picked up, take your time, i find beardies tend not to like stroking much, but stroking his beard against his neck can have a calming effect, as if your telling him not to get pissy with you, one of my males took to this, but hates having his back stroked :P (also, avoid approaching over head or stroking there head, beardies actually have a 3rd light sensitive eye on the top of there heads, it doesn't see but is sensitive to light/shadows, which would allow them to detect a bird flying over head let say, this can startle them, especially young beardies, some just cock there head lol). Lay your hand in and just let him move around you, maybe try feeding him something by hand? veg or wax worm maybe held in an open hand so he has to climb on your hand to grab it (their bite is not so bad sharp teeth but with a flat hand they have nothing to bite, and tend just to use there tongue). approach him when he is on the cooler side of his enclosure, or early in the morning when he hasn't had time to warm up yet, he will be much The more mature dragons are the more they seem to tame even without a great deal of handling. Please do not get discouraged!!! Good luck
Good advice, i never knew about the light sensitive eye, mine is twitchy when i stroke the top of Queenies head.
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