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I'm afraid it really does depend on the individual, I have 2 Rankins at the moment, Jorgie is a pig, and has been from day one, she can easily get thru 10 food items a day , Jazzy on the other hand isn't a big eater at all, some days she will eat 3 or 4 insects...some days none at all. She had me tearing my hair out at first , I had her at the vets and all sorts but she's slowly grown and is fine

I don't personally use crickets, I don't like them and nor do the dragons, I do use locust, mealworms & Dubais, Butterworms & calciworms. The Dubais breed themselves, mealies, calci's and Butterworms keep for ages in the fridge, only the locusts are a nuisance to keep long term
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