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Originally Posted by ChazzieJo View Post
Please don't do this. Beardies should never, under any circumstances, be housed together. Males have been known to tear limbs of one another, same with females, and if you keep a male in with a female, she will be constantly harrased and mated, which could result in her becoming eggbound and very ill.

It's completely normal for young hatchlings to hide. They're protecting themselves from predators. We have some young beardies at the pet shop I work for and more often than not they're sheltered away, although I do tend to manually move them into their basking spots whilst I feed. Just take it day by day. Reptiles can take months to settle in so you'll need to be patient. Once he/she is a little bigger and sees you as less of a threat and more as the person who gives him/her tasty treats, they'll be more inclined to approach you.
Thanks for the advice.
I went to get some crickets today, and the owner of the pet store i got my beardie asked how i was getting on.
I explained the shyness and how he keeps opening his mouth and flareing when ever i try to stroke him or handle him, he said to try and pick him up at least every other day, regardless if he has a hissy fit or tried to nip me, is this correct ?

He was at the glass today, so i tried to pick him up, he opened his mouth a few times, but i managed to pick him up and he was fine in my hand, didnt try and bite me, or do a runner.

Just come back and he's being mardy again lol
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