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Default getting a bit worried about my beardie

So I got him on saturday, hes 10 weeks old, almost immediately he ate some veg, then a bit later he ate 3 locust.
Sunday, he didnt eat any veg, i put in two crickets which he didnt eat and totally ignored! and i then had to remove them on the night. He ate 1 wax worm and 1 locust.
Monday, no veg except for a tiny bit of broccoli i tempted him with, 1 locust and 1 wax worm. I also brought him out and gave him a bath as it had been a week since his last (before i got him) but as i didnt want to over-stress him, i only gave him 5-10 minutes before putting him back.
Today he hasnt eaten anything at all! Theres veg, 1 locust and 1 worm in there and hes not interested.
Have i stressed him out with the bath? is it maybe delayed stress from bringing him home?
Hes moving around a little bit but not much. He also did his 1st poo today.
So since saturday, in total, he has eaten 5 locust, 2 wax worms and the e smallest bit of veg. Is this enough for a young beardie??
The temps are basking spot - 43, warm end - 30ish, cool end - 25ish. I use an Arcadia 12% uvb light. There is a dish of water in there too.

Is there a problem, is there something else i should be doing? please tell me im worrying over nothing
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