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Originally Posted by Daddyp View Post

I am looking at getting my first lepoard gecko and i was just hope for a little advice on the best vivs how often to feed and water etc and also heating, lighting all the basic stuff really. also can you feed gecko,s frozen food (defrosted of course??? )
Congrats on choosing such a gorgeous lizard You will find info on how to set up a basic leo set up here

And there are plenty of people who will advise on here
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I feed mine locust/crickets/mealworms/dubia and turk roaches as staple diet and waxworms and other such things as occasional treats as they are high in fat .
How often you feed depends on its age etc. Young ones get fed every night while older ones every other night.

You cant feed them dead or frozen/thawed food. They are live food eaters.

Lots of friendly and knowledgable people over on the lizard section make your way over there and ask away
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