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The thermometers are new and digital so apart from getting more new ones i dont know how else to check the temps, he basks well and often, can they bask too often?
As far as im aware, his poo looked normal, not runny at all, as i would have expected really but it was his first so im no expert in bd poos yet.
The locusts (he hasnt eaten any crickets) are the ones the breeder gave me which he had been feeding them on already. I put some spring greens, sweet potato peel and brocolli in with the locusts, is that ok?
I dont use a substrate, hes on lino with a couple of slate tiles.
So, maybe undigested food then? I will get a size smaller locust tomorrow and see how he goes with them then.

Thank you so much for your help x If you think of anything else it may be or that i could do better, please let me know.
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