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Just noticed the hopper in the background of your pick, there a bit big for him at 10 weeks, id defiantly try crickets.

Besides them having barbed legs, they also need heat to keep. Locust that don't have heat and that have been fed veg, will without a better word, putrefy (or at least the veg in there gut will). Causing the hoppers to become slow and ill looking. They become a useless food unless you pick them up every few days or keep them heated in a tank. You cant gut load locust without heat.

I personally disagree with anyone that recommends hopper for young beardies, as a treat for adults, there fine, i do use locust if i find it hard to acquire other foods. Other people will likely disagree with what ive said, many i know use hoppers as a staple for there beardies, but i have experience with very young beardies and find that hoppers are not ideal.
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