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Default Advice needed about supplements for a few different breeds

Hey I'm posting this because I've read a million and one different things about calcium and vitamin supplements and each one seems to conflict with the previous one etc so please could anyone help clear the air on what supplements to use on my reptiles and how often, I've got a calcium supplement by zoomed with d3 and nutrobol, my reptiles are as follows:

1 year old male bearded dragon
10 month old female iguana
3-4 month old baby crested gecko
1 year old Yemen chameleon (he was a rescue and was burnt as a youngster on his tail on a bulb with no heat guard and has a wonky crest if that alters the supplementation needed)

So my question simply is, what supplement do I need to give each of them and how often and when do I need to change it as they get older? Thanks in advance for any replies, I'm just really confused by it all and don't want to over/under supplement them, Natalie x
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