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Originally Posted by djultimate View Post
Its so frustrating, i tried to handle him earlier and he opened his mouth and made a faint noise, so i left him alone and am worried about him biteing me, does it hurt ? lol.

A moment ago he was at the glass, so i slowly slid the glass open, and he allowed me to stroke his back for nearly 5 mins mouth closed at all times,then darted to the other side of the viv.

Ive read that placing an item of worn clothing in the viv will help him get used to me, does this work ?
Depends, the baby (with it essentially being a new toy, may either feel threatened, or may try to eat it, which depending on what it is, could cause impact (very unlikely)

Try leaving your hand in there for a few minutes with a sweet smelling fruit/veg, it may (or may not) lure him over to you.
(there are numerous care sheets which list which fruit/veg they can and cannot eat)

My baby seems to love sitting on my knee while I stroke under her beard. I've only had her a few weeks but it didn't take too long for her to realise I'm the one that brings here the big juicy locusts etc. :p

Good luck.
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