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Originally Posted by cpu1 View Post
If you're looking to get your first reptile, your best bet would be a corn snake, a bearded dragon or a leopard gecko. Cliché, and with a few odd exceptions, but generally true.

I've never owned a snake, so I don't really have a clue about them.

In terms of lizards, I don't own them either (lol) but I do know a lot about them as I'm planning on getting a bearded dragon soon, and was very close to getting a leopard gecko recently.

Bearded dragon pros -

Quite possibly one of the tamest reptiles out there
You can handle them a lot
They are diurnal

Bearded dragon cons -

They need both insects and fruit and vegetables
They require more space (4x2x2)

Leopard gecko pros -

They require less space
They only need insects
They're reasonably easy to handle, and aren't the hardest to tame, but bearded dragons are better for this

Leopard gecko cons -

They're nocturnal (so you may not see a lot of him/her during the day, unlike a bearded dragon)

If you want more of a bond with your reptile, I'd go with a beardie just because you'll see more of them and they like to be handled. If you're looking for a lower maintenance reptile, a leopard gecko is your best bet. You can't really go wrong with either as they both make great pets, but that's a pretty decent guideline.

I agree with this post but leopard geckos are not nocturnal they are active at dawn and dusk I see my gecko a lot and its a big viv with lots I prefer them to beardies but that's just me Rankins are a good alt to beardies almost the same but smaller and not as common. African fat tailed geckos(possibly the easiest lizoard for holding)are also relatively easy to keep, similar to a Leo in viv size etc but require higher humidity, Anoles are also easy to start with but no good for handling but any of these species are great and I am sure more people with more experience could point you in the direction of more species.

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