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Originally Posted by F5TER View Post
Thank you RLS, i wasnt sure what sort of reaction i was going to get to be honest, saying i dont like crickets! lol.
Today he has eaten much better, some veg incl some grated buttenut and about 6 tiny locusts. So, hopefully, he is settling down and feeling better.

A lot of people hate the bugs, it's a necessary evil I'm afraid

Glad he's eating better! Might just have been slightly too large prey that was the problem.

If you're able to (once you've got him feeding well), try adding a bit of variation into the live food. I know you say he doesn't like crickets but there are mealworms, calci-worms, silk worms, cockroaches, butter worms etc. The more variation there is, the less likely you'll have nutritional/growth problems down the line.
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