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Originally Posted by paul3col View Post
Tell you what you could try, it worked with our pair. Get some wax worms and hold one with thumb and fore finger and hang it in front of his face. The worm will wriggle which your beardie won't be able to resist. If it works do another one a bit later.

As soon as we put the tub of wax worms in front of the viv chaos takes over the viv and all social order is abandoned this stuff is like chocolate to them.
The past few days ive been tong feeding him wax worms, when I put the tongs near him he opens his mouth really wide like hes trying to hiss, so I plonk the worm in his mouth and he eats it.

Ive been leaving my hand in the viv for 10.minutes every night, he doesn't run just sits and looks at me, though when I come In from work he darts under his basking log and sort.of.lays low to the floor.

Its 3 weeks tommorow I've hae him and only successfully managed to hold him a few times, with exception of the other night when he managed to.jump out my hands and leg it.

Am I expecting to much to soon as in the tameness beardie ?

One thing I am concerned about is am off away for a week end of the month and have booked him into a reptile hotel where they feed and handle daily etc, will them handleing him daily help ?
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