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Default Advice please bearded dragon

Hi guys , had my dragon since he was 8weeks and just want advice on wether he looks healthy , is good size for age and if sex if poss as want to pair him/her soon. He's been in a 3x2 viv since coming here he was fed dusted crickets 2/3 times a day and offerd a variety of veg ranging from cabbage carrots broccoli tomato grapes and apples, every other day. At 16/20 weeks I changed from crickets to locusts which he def prefers and seem to make him grow better, I order 60 per week currently and he has meal worms regular and wax worms every now and then as a treat. Although I think he's a good size he rarely eats him veg and I've tried encouraging him with it even puttin mealworms on the veg. . He's spot cleaned , sieved sand fortnightly and deep clean monthly. Misted regular bathed once per week in tepid water (LOVES a swim !) ok so now now you know his environment diet and routine , ill give you his/her age and size . Now 8 months at 18 and a half inces and 308 grams. His father was a citrus I believe , Lime yellow BRIGHT orange beard and eyes whith and almost white tummy and his mother is standard dark pigment dragon. Thanks in advance oh one last thing !suggestions for Reliable high end morph breeders in the uk please as wanting to x George with something special once sexed thank you guys
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