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Best way for sexing is this > < if you're not sure pop some pictures up on here how the thread describes (make sure you get it with different lighting).

He looks a good size, healthy and no obvious abnormalities as far as I can see. However, before you decide to get another, I would upgrade some of his viv. Ideally you should house one beardy in a minimum 4x2x2ft viv. This not only allows them the extra space but also it's much easier to get a good thermogradient going. What UVB do you have? And the details of it (percent, age, length, coil or tube)? Those dial thermometers that you're using are very rubbish (can be more than 10C out) so have a look at getting digital ones to get accurate readings.

In regards to the whole veg thing, some beardies just don't take to veg. If he won't go for veg you can try colourful flowers and leafy greens and see if they spark his interest. If still no luck I would try varying his live food even more, to prevent nutritional problems from occurring. Try calci-worms, silk worms, butter worms and cockroaches.

Try not to mist too much inside the viv as it raises humidity and creates perfect conditions for a respiratory infection to occur.

In regards to pairing, think long and hard about this. There's plenty of threads on here about breeding beardies and it always ends up with the owner getting told not to. It's expensive to bring up the young (bare in mind you'll not only need never ending food supply but also several full setups), difficult on the female (can be 3 clutches of 30+ eggs) and most importantly there are not enough (good) homes for the babies. You see tonnes being given away for free and rehomed on the classifieds, or threads of how they are being mistreated. Frankly, beardy breeding needs to be slowed down drastically.

If you are to get another beardy, they should really be housed separately (yet more money spent!). If they are of the opposite sex, they will breed. One will get bullied, both will be stressed and this will only lead to health problems and laying problems. There are rare occasions when it can work, however it means having a large tank, tonnes and food and preferably multiple basking spots.

As far as high end beardies are concerned, have a look at Fire and Ice (Woodrott on here is their UK representative) and Dragons Den.
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