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Default crested gecko vivarium temp problems

hi all need some advice. going to pick up my gecko on sun afternoon. had the viv since yesterday shop told me dnt need heat products as they live at room temp. my house is really cold in winter and right now i'm getting day time temps of 18.6 at 7.30am - 20.4 by 5pm. 2nite its been between 19.3 - 21.3. i went to a diff pet store this afternoon told the staff my probs she said yeah u need a heat mat, put it on the side and just switch off if gets too hot etc. well its only raised temp by 1 degree. should i take it back getting really stressed, dnt want to let my son down by not having viv right to bring the gecko home any advice would be appreciated.

i have an exo terra viv H 53 x W 36 x D 36 cm using a small exo terra desert mat

thanx trisha
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