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All sounds a bit better they are quite a hardy species but if it is too cold then it wont be very active and wont eat as much thus meaning it wont grow as well assuming you are buying a juvenile. I use habistat thermostats that all work well it plugs into the mains. You then plug the mat into the termostat i use nail tweezers or a very small screw driver to adjust the temps to the desired level on the dial. Make sure to place the thermostats probe on the heat mat. Its main purpose is to prevent the heat mat over heating which could ultimatley cause a fire. When i first started out i asked my local rep shop owner how important they were and he explained how he lost half a house and over 200 animals because he didnt use them so they are important lol. Finally yes i would definatly remove the tin foil as it is also again a fire hazard. No need to apologise questions are the point of the forum and im happy i can be of help
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