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Its not the same as mine but it should do the job just as well. By placing the probe on the mat it reads the mats temperature. It then adjusts the output of the mat to provide the desired heat which is set manually on the dial. In the case of the mat over heating to dangerous levels it would fuse causing the mat to stop working as a safety measure to prevent fire. If you have the dial set at the lower end to provide low levels of heat then you may find that will be switch on and of regularly this is not a fault it is just allowing the mat to reach the desired temps then switching it off as the temp begins to drop again it will turn the mat back on. Remember though the dial on the thermostat will set the desired heat for the actual mat. Not for the tank. This still needs to be measured seperatly by your in tank thermometers. Assuming you have a glass tank you may need to set the thermostat a fair bit higher than the desired heat within the tank as the heat first needs to travel through the glass.
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