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So many comments to catch up with there took me a while lol. Where to start. Well A no it doesnt hurt of they bite especially not juveniles lol. B your confidence is key, if you are nervous he/she will sense it and well i wouldnt trust a nervous giant to pick me up lol. So try to be confident dont hesitate just open the viv and gently but firmly pick him/her up. You most like find he/she sqiurms until the feet are on a solid surface mine is three years old and he still does squirms everytime until i place him down on my chest or hand lol. C ignore the clothing suggestion i tried it when i first started out and all that changed was my sock was now dirty lol. D i totally agree with not getting a friend it isnt neccesary and often causes endless issues. Finally i personally would not remove hides. If somebody up routed my home put me in another one completely empty with a door that doesnt lock from the inside i would be getting pretty stressed out. Stress is a common reason for premature death so i really do not recommend this. If he/she wants to hide let them. If you want to get them out for a play you'll just have to find them which personally i view as half the fun lol.
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