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Personally I wouldn't bother with an Exo Terra UVB. You're far better going for an Arcadia T5 as they are the most advanced lights that emit more UVB. You'll need a high percentage tube that goes 2/3 - 3/4 the length of the viv starting from the hot end. Agreed with above though, you need a reflector or you're wasting a lot of the light to the walls.

Heat lamp - whatever you fancy. You can use spot bulbs/halogens/reflector bulbs and normal household likes. Watt depends on height of the bulb, height of basking spot and ambient temperatures. I would go with a 60-75w to begin with and a raised basking spot. A dimming thermostat is best to prevent overheating. Along with this you'll need a digital thermometer as the dial on the thermostats tend to be rubbish (as are dial thermometers).

A couple of bowls, one for veg and another for water if you choose.

Logs, rocks, decor etc.

Substrate - do your own research on this as everyone says something different. General consensus is to stay away from wood chip and start with lino, reptile carpet or slate. If you feel confident that your husbandry is spot on and the dragon doesn't eat it, you can try play sand.

You'll also need supplements, I recommend Repashy calcium plus.
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