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A 3ft UVB light, Arcadia are a popular brand on here but I use the Glo T8.

A 100W basking bulb on a thermostat

A timer switch/socket

A water bowl big enough for your beardie to get in (mine loves to crap in it)

A raised platform for basking is good but not essential

Vitamin dust for salads

Calcium dust for livefood

DECENT substrate, I'd recommend wood chips. NOT SAND! It's dangerous as the beardie can end up with impaction if it eats too much substrate with its meals which can and does happen.

They're the main things, then you want cleaning fluid, 1 spare UVB and 1 spare basking light - personal choice as sods luck means it'll blow at 9am Sunday morning and your local pet shop it shut.

Apart from those though the rest is just decor to cater to your own preferences, I would recommend places like dunellm mill as apposed to exo terra etc as the product is more or less the same but the price is monumentally different :victory:

Post some pics when you've got it all set up!!
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