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Originally Posted by JBOB View Post
I feed both of mine in rubs then after a min or so of eating ill put it at an angle slightly at the opening of the viv, and they move themselves back in.

I like to feed them outside of the viv or rub they live in just so they never associate it with feeding, or think my hand coming in to handle them could be food.

Many others feed inside the vivs with no problems though.
Yea, this is my worry, and also the chance of impaction which haunted me with my beardy... Thanks for the info, Also had to get her out tonight needed to put some more clips to hold her thermostat down, she balled up in my palm for a few seconds they came out of it very fast which shocked me and was weaving through my hands but within a few mins she was back in her viv exploring/trying to escape lol... So paranoid that this will un-nerve her, i hope not.
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