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Originally Posted by crazycatlady1987 View Post
I tried leaving the mealies in, they've just got out though and disappeared under the substrate lol. His veg is in a bowl but he'd still much rather have crickets. He's still young enough to have mainly crickets but I'm worried he won't want veg as an adult when he really needs it. Will his tastes change naturally do you think?
I wouldn't lose to much sleep about it honestly my beardy is 2 and 1/2 years old now and he's just like me doesn't like his veg but every now an then i ONLY offer him veg just so he is'nt just eating live food and he will eat it for a while but then goes off it.... To put your mind at rest, i taken mine to the vets i wasted 120 pound on vet bills from blood tests to stool tests to find out he was healthy.

Just to clarify i taken him the vets because he wasn't a regular pooper... Got out a massive turd.... Poops once to twice a week now.
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