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Originally Posted by JBOB View Post
I really wouldn't worry. They cope better with things than we give them credit for lol

I know someone who brought their 3mth old Royal home and didn't leave him to settle. She had him out of the rub that night / fed him in another rub the following night etc. Basically the complete opposite of what your supposed to do, and he's a very friendly snake now.

I've got a Milk snake which are know to be secretive and it took her 2 weeks until he would come out of her hides with me in the same room (living room lol). She's still a little skittish now but just freezes when she sees you looking at her.
Yea, your mind plays the better of you i think if i got another beardy or gecko I would have confidence, but as snakes are new to me I feel really cautious about upsetting her cheers for putting my mind at rest
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