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No, you havent been 'had' by the shop keeper. The fact of the matter is that some people just dont like heat mats. Thats their prerogative. Though having said that, most of the 'against arguments' are a bit daft. The one that does stand true is that of 'malfunctioning equipment'. Malfunctioning equipment can burn your reptile, this is true of all the equipment you use hence the most important piece of kit you can buy is a decent thermometer. I cant tell you whether you actually need an additional heat source at night, as I just dont know what the temps in your house where you keep the viv at 4-5.00am, and I doubt anyone else on here can either really! Invest an a max/min and place it overnight to get an idea of whether you need it. Beardies like to drop to 18-22C. Ive certain lived in property's as a younger man- single glazed with no insulation and prehistoric heating- that got much colder than that, so the viv required additional heating. Thankfully these days I'm a grown up (?) so have UPVC windows, a lagged loft and a decent thermostat on my wall too, so dont really need them. The shop did the right thing to sell you one. They didnt know what temps your house gets to. Provided the primary heat source (bulb/ceramic) is on a decent stat- I'd get a dimmer- than having a mat on the wall will be of no detriment to your animal. Hope this helps.
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