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Originally Posted by diddlydee View Post
Yeah, 14C is pretty nippy for a beardie. Its not dire, but definitely the cooler(est) side you'd want to let a young beardie drop. I'd say your options are; move the viv to a warmer area of the house. If using a ceramic, install a day/night stat (which cycles the primary heater to a lower temp at night). Install a red bulb to take the night temps up a bit. Or, put in a bigger heat mat (I'm not convinced this would be too effective, as it wasnt massively cold where I was last night and a bigger mat would prob only get you a couple of degrees C's, whereas it sounds like you could do with 5C ish)
Not really needed they can hit minus temps but if you want the heat up put the bulb on a dimming stat so if it hits below a certain temp it turns slightly on
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