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Originally Posted by st3mar View Post
ok i have a viv ( 4ftx2x2 ) and i've been told many different things of what i need in it but i'm not sure still , can someone give me a list of things i need ?
thank you very much
At work, when we set a viv up for a beardie we use:
4x2x2 viv, UV bulb ( a tube, normally 3ft long), basking lamp (100w) heat mat, habistat mat sat.
Substarate is of personal preference. Personally I use wood chips, but that's because my beardies dig. Slate tiles are good is your worried about compaction. Sand I wouldn't recommend for a young beardie, but again personal preference.
Feed dish, water bowl, basking material. A rock, or wood, completely up to you and the look you are going for. Lots of good items on the market.
Make sure you get yourself down to a reputable reptile shop.
Many bogus people on the market!
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