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Originally Posted by diddlydee View Post
A beardie can hit minus temps?
Australian Capital Territory Climate and Weather Averages

It changes depending on where you look, but I've seen temperatures lower than that.

Originally Posted by GeorgiaAndJayFuzz View Post
I have 2 beardies and they BOTH have heat mats. They are good for keeping a consistent temp, especially over night when the lights are off. Mine are selopated to the bottom of the viv (round the sides) on the hot side with a thick layer of substrate over the top.
The way I look at it, is that they come from a hot country, a heat mat is not going to reach the temperature that a rock would out in Australia, and they bask on those all day. Although they cannot regulate their own body temperature, if they get too hot they will move!
I've have no problems with mine what so ever. And I think they are brilliant, especially as I live in a very old Victorian house and the temps do drop very low.
I also have a heat mat in my tegu enclosure.
If you feel the temps drop a lot in your house, then use it.
If you are worried, connect a thermostat and set it at a temperature that you feel comfortable with.
How hot does it get over the heat mat (without the other heating on) and on top of the substrate out of curiosity?

It doesn't stay hot at night, everything gets very cold and beardies hide away.

You should always use a thermostat on a heat mat, regardless of placement and species. Mine easily get to 50C without a stat!
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