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Originally Posted by vgorst View Post
Australian Capital Territory Climate and Weather Averages

It changes depending on where you look, but I've seen temperatures lower than that.

How hot does it get over the heat mat (without the other heating on) and on top of the substrate out of curiosity?

It doesn't stay hot at night, everything gets very cold and beardies hide away.

You should always use a thermostat on a heat mat, regardless of placement and species. Mine easily get to 50C without a stat!

With the lights being on during the day, that makes the substrate hot, as would the sun. I find that overnight when the lights are off, the heat mat helps to keep the substrate warm.
I do use a thermostat.
I was giving my opinion, everyone has a different.

But rather than biting each others heads off, we are meant to be helping others.
This forum is starting to get reallllllll bitchy.
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