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Originally Posted by GeorgiaAndJayFuzz View Post
With the lights being on during the day, that makes the substrate hot, as would the sun. I find that overnight when the lights are off, the heat mat helps to keep the substrate warm.
I do use a thermostat.
I was giving my opinion, everyone has a different.

But rather than biting each others heads off, we are meant to be helping others.
This forum is starting to get reallllllll bitchy.
I apologise, I had no intention of sounding bitchy, tone doesn't really come across in text

I was wondering how warm the substrate got during the night over the heat mat?

'If you are worried, connect a thermostat and set it at a temperature that you feel comfortable with' - thermostats are debatable when it comes to lights (and you're fairly experienced with the whole heating aspect), but not mats. They reach stupid temperatures if left unregulated and stats should always be recommended for these, not just if the OP was concerned.

The thing is, it gets so cold at night in Australia, beardies can easily handle our 'low' night temperatures, it's the owners that can't manage the worry.

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