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Originally Posted by vgorst View Post
I apologise, I had no intention of sounding bitchy, tone doesn't really come across in text

I was wondering how warm the substrate got during the night over the heat mat?

'If you are worried, connect a thermostat and set it at a temperature that you feel comfortable with' - thermostats are debatable when it comes to lights (and you're fairly experienced with the whole heating aspect), but not mats. They reach stupid temperatures if left unregulated and stats should always be recommended for these, not just if the OP was concerned.

The thing is, it gets so cold at night in Australia, beardies can easily handle our 'low' night temperatures, it's the owners that can't manage the worry.

Bitchy comment wasn't directly aimed at you, was in general.
Over night it's only as warm as the palm of your hand, but it helps me sleep at night knowing that they have that extra bit of warmth.
As I said I live in a very old house, and during the winter months even I wake up with icicles on my nose! Let alone the dogs.
I appreciate that they do get hot, hence why I said to thermostat.
It's all very well and good people jumping off the band wagon with dont do this and don't do that, but it doesn't help with the advice already given!
It does get cold over night in Australia, but we forget these animals are captive bred and haven't actually experienced that temperature changes of Australia, only the settings in which they where bred and where sold.
There are many people out there that will try and fob you off, believe me, over the years I've met many. I appreciate this forum for people's own experiences. But over recent months, there's less of that, and genuine helpful advice, and more of slating each other and jumping down each others throats.

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