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Exclamation Care tips for a frilled dragon

Hi, my name is Kristen and I just bought a frilled dragon. He is a little older, around a year. I have him in a glass tank with the coconut substrate, a large water dish, things for him to climb and a little wood tunnel for him to perch on and hide under. I also have two lights, one for basking and one for night. I covered one side, the side with the water dish, with a towel that I dampen once or twice a day because I have been having trouble with keeping the humidity high. It wont keep the humidity in and if I don't mist it every few hours it will drop to 30% or 40%. I was wondering if there is a better terrarium to use? Better humidifying system? Better anything that will keep humidity and heat in. He is eating and moving about so he doesn't seem too stressed about it but I want to make sure it is as close to perfect as can be. Thanks.
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