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Default crestie heat bulbs or ceramic emitter???

hi got my 6 mth old on sat, havin probs with temps. hes in a exo terra with canopy 30x30x45

the store told me to get a heat mat, attach it to side and connect to a thermostat. in the morning the temps are 17-18 , thru the day 20-21 with no central heating on after 5pm until i goto be 24-25 as heating on then, i dnt want to leave my central heating on 24hrs.

hearing diff things from store and on forums some saying aslong as temps dnt drop below 16 its ok, others saying must be 23-26 so need extra heat source.

wot u all think??? do i need a diff heat source?? if so wot would u recommend links would also be very helpful.

some pics below

thanx in advance

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