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Not sure I would agree with that as they may not sit in the warmest part of the viv if you dont have a white light. The T5 is pretty bright but mines still works out to bask under the white spot light I have sited elswhere.

Guess it depends on how you set it up if you can manage. But FWIW a dimming stat on the basking light for day time use and then another stat (any type but pulse is supposed to be more economical) on the CHE for night time to keep temps above 65f

In my case I am going to use a Day/Night for my night time heater as I use a reptile radiator in the middle of the viv. Currently temps in the cold end dont get above 72 during the day but I plan to have this set to try and bring overall temps up to closer to 80 in the cool end during the day whilst dropping to keep it above 65 at night when everything else goes off.

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