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Originally Posted by Dave1374 View Post
Yo, first post hehe.

I want a water dragon (not sure if I can translate it like this).

So I went to the pet shop, and the dood said it will cost me at least 300 $ for a starter kit, ie, the vivarium and the lamp.

I dont want to spend that much on the kit so I went to a craiglist and found some... Most of them are sold with the reptiles but I dont want them. I found this one here which is sold clean.

150 $
36 x 18 x 16 inches. Included: heating carpet, light
edit: I figured it is about 43 american gallons. edit2... hmm 45 gallons lol

Basically I want to know if this is enough for a small water dragon ( which I will buy for 35$ at the pet shop.)
Hi and

Water dragons aren't my thing but you will find all the help and advice on here Lizards - Reptile Forums

I'm pretty sure they need a larger enclosure though....pretty big enclosures when big as they love to climb and need height aswell as length/depth i think
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