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Originally Posted by Dave1374 View Post
thanks for the answers.

the water dragon I had in my hands was about 6 inches long.

How much time would it take to growth enough to lack space in that vivarium ?

edit: basically I want to know if I could put my reptile in that vivarium for like 2 years or so , then change it for a bigger one.
Two years definitely not. They hatch around 6 inches and will be fully grown by 2 years old, around 20 inches by a year. A viv the size you mentioned wouldn't be good at all because of the lack of height and depth as they like to climb.

A viv around 4x3x2 (length x height x depth) would do from hatchling to around 14-16 months I would say and then you'd want to upgrade to the "adult size" viv of 6x5x2 or larger. Of course something like 3x2x2 would be fine for a 6 inch CWD too but it'd need upgrading after half a year to 9 months so you might as well get something a bit larger rather than having to upgrade three times.
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