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Originally Posted by Cragterharris View Post
Just wondering how often my 3 month old ball python should be poping,

He hasn't pooped once since Iv had him and Iv fed him twice, he hasn't shed yet and has taken rats straight away, also he has urinated a few times too and I'm just getting a bit worried, I feed him every Wednesday too

Thank you
Hey dude just seen this thread...I wouldn't start worrying, every snake is different and are very rarely on time with their crap schedule!! Some like to stockpile then let go all at once, trust me you will smell it when he drops!!!

Try a nice warm bath for about 30mins, a good handling session or if you have those clothes drying horses put him on there to explore this, it may get his bowel movements going!!

If it has been months and months then you can probably start worrying. This is when a trip to the vets might be necessary.

Just remember though every snake will be different, just keep an eye on him, make sure his temps are perfect and just give him time he will have a nice stinky suprise for you soon!!

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