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It all depends on the snake itself....some strike/some are more shy and prefer you to lay it down on something so they can mosey over and eat it with manners (drop feeders)/some wont eat unless they are left in silence and darkness. You can 'train' ( for want of a better term) them to go from drop feeding to strike feeding sometimes but at the end of the day as long as its eating i dont see the problem with the way it goes about it.
Strike feeding does show a good strong feeding response but even strong feeders can refuse or fast for a length of time wether its for breeding season/not hungry/somethings changed in its husbandry or other issues.
Generally its good practice for sellers to maintain feeding/shedding records to show any potential buyers that the snake is a good feeder but anyone can make this up .....though any decent seller wouldn't.
Iv'e had a few none feeders that just have'nt been offered food in the way they prefer and just simply offering it a different way can have them snapping your hand off almost. They all have funny little preferences and there are many ways to feed a snake/tricks to try. If your husbandry is correct and the snake feels secure in its enclosure then theres no reason it wont feed week after week for you once you work out how it likes being offered its dinner and the only times it should really refuse meals is if its ill/breeding season or your set up is a bit off
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