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Hi and welcome to RFUK.

As you rightly say, with the benefit of hindsight, he would probably have been better left in hibernation in a safe place.

So what to do now? I am no way an expert on these lizards, they are not very commonly kept in the UK. But bringing a lizard out of hibernation is not as straightforward as just warming them up. Dehydration can be a major problem and he may benefit from a Poweraid bath - but I don't know what strength and to get this wrong can be harmful. He is not receiving enough UVb for a diurnal basking lizard although you are doing what you can for that. Would it not be possible to provide even a compact bulb? You don't say what temperature gradient you have in the tank. Unfortunately wild lizards will have a parasite load and if they are then kept in sub-optimal conditions this can overwhelm them.

The best thing you can do - after this very inadequate response from myself - is to post this in the Lizard section of the forum. There are some keepers on there that are far more experienced than me. You might also want to send a private message to Gregg M who is very experienced and also from the US to ask his advice.

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