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Originally Posted by King Macs 09 View Post
Hi Artisan,

Thats what i thought about the food situation but large mice i thought these snakes were rat eaters ?

I know its a male snake so no need for popping going to nip down the town and get some more hides for him hopefully he will feel more secure.

God i cant wait till i get the viv and get it sorted out.

Many thanks
Some people do start babies off on mice but its best to get onto rats asap to save messing round when older and they are more set in their ways.
Dont do it right away....let him settle first and get around 3 feeds into him when he comes into your care...just so you know he is eating regularly, then you can start trying with rats. You can either just offer a rat thats had its head super heated in boiling water for a few seconds (this can make them REALLY want it lol) or you can get a mouse and defrost it with the rat and then rub the mouse all over the rat to scent it...doing this can make the transition a bit easier. Once on rats....they are usually fine
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