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Originally Posted by King Macs 09 View Post
Hi Guys,

Once again thank you so much for the info as i think i am fretting just as much as he is. However he has just explored the rub he came in last night as i have covered one end with a dark towel and there is no lights on at the minute and he looks ok.

Think it might have something to do with the mrs cooking sasuage mmmmm.. As both snakes were sensing food i guess.
Viv has been shipped so should be here tomorrow and most of my other bits have been shipped to which is good as i will be able to get him moved into his new home asap.

I went for the ceramic bulb and holder also ordered the pulse stat from surrey pets so that should be here saturday or maybe tomorrow so all is looking well.

Feeding I will stay on large mice until like you say three feeds have been done then wean him over to rats. the way you have advised. Dont want to order in to much food so will by food week in week out just now.

One more thing could you advise me on a good supplier of frozen food.

I will look into getting the probbing done like you say they can check the sexual maturity.

Many thanks again
Make sure you order the bulb guard too so he cant get near the bulb (you would be surprised that they will find a way up to it and a guard is a much needed bit of kit)
I get my frozen in bulk online and its only worth doing this if youre bulk buying as you pay for delivery. Your are best with just 2 snakes....buying what you need once a month from your lical rep shop
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